Rapid Prototyping

A fast, simple and cost-effective way of turning ideas into functional samples or demo products and parts, rapid prototyping with 3D printing allows you to test your designs and make changes to them on the go. A flexible and high-speed process, ForeKen’s smart and efficient rapid prototyping solutions enable you to generate, trial and perfect the physical representation of your product idea before going into full-fledged production.

Concept Modelling

As the name suggests, 3D modeling aids the rapid production of concept models with the same look and feel as that of your intended final product. ForeKen’s expert concept modeling services ensure that the 3D printed part or product communicates the final design to perfection. Our 3D printing capabilities allow us to produce sturdy, complex and cost-efficient concept models that can be embellished, drilled or sanded, depending on your needs.

Reverse Engineering

Thinking about your project or physical product in the reverse order is quite a fascinating and practically complex way to make a digital design. However, it is also a powerful way to produce new parts that incorporate old designs (in cases where the original CAD is not available). ForeKen leverages its expertise in 3D scanning, 3D printing, extraction and integration to masterfully use reverse engineering for your specific requirements.

Personalized Gifts

We excel at converting your imagination to reality and so, if you can think it, we can print it. From fashion accessories and utility items to complex designs and fun toys, custom 3D printed presents normally not available in the open market, are perhaps the best kind of gifts that reflect your thoughtfulness and effort. At ForeKen, we use our 3D printing prowess to design a wide variety of customized 3D printed gifts.

Corporate Gifts

The thought that you put into a gift can be difference between the receiver appreciating or overlooking it! With 3D printing, you can customize a wide array of items for corporate gifting purposes. From stationery and office decor to tabletop pieces and useful accessories, there is no dearth of options when it comes to thinking of corporate gifting ideas. ForeKen can help you translate your ideas into beautiful corporate gifts.

Building 3D Rendering

3D printing is a fantastic way for architects, engineers and real estate project developers to create scale models of their envisioned structures in a hassle-free manner. No matter how complex the structure or how elaborate the architecture, ForeKen specializes in rendering 3D buildings using additive manufacturing techniques and can enable you to bring your commercial or residential projects to life. Our 3D printing capabilities ensure that there is a drastic reduction in re-work, thus reducing the overall project costs, too.

Product development – End-to-End CAD & Product Design Services

ForeKen offers an assortment of computer-aided product design and drafting services and solutions for a range of industries and personal and commercial applications. Our team of CAD experts are adept at visualizing, conceptualizing, executing and delivering wide-ranging and meticulous CAD services in a time-sensitive and cost-effective manner, so manufacturers, engineers, architects, consultants and contractors can get the ball rolling in terms of moving from the concept stage to the final design.

Functional Spare Parts

Often, the spares or auto/machine parts you require are either not sold or even manufactured any longer. In such cases, 3D printing comes to the rescue. ForeKen’s additive manufacturing solutions make sure that the digital blueprints of the said spares are printed in 3D to replicate the form and functionality of the original part.

Product Model for Exhibitions Display

When it comes to tradeshows and exhibitions, there is no better way to showcase product prototypes and even create attractive display elements. ForeKen’s ability and experience in crafting 3D product models and robust and visually-appealing displays that provide a truly immersive 360-degree experience are second to none. It reduces space requirement during exhibition and transportation cost. The same model can be used as training tool of organization for new employees.

Virtual Surgical Planning BEFORE Surgery

3D printing has made meticulous pre-operative planning way more streamlined and simplified than it ever was before. Virtual surgical planning involves creating 3D visualization of the patient’s anatomy using additive manufacturing. This helps surgeons to plan their surgical process in detail and create patient-specific treatment strategies.


The world of healthcare has experienced the power of 3D printing with the permeation of the technology in the making of prosthetics. Customized and one-of-a-kind limbs are commonplace today and ForeKen can truly help hospitals develop personalized prosthetics that are fully functional and robust.

Museum Display

Whether museums need lifelike replicas of their prized collections or miniature models that visitors can take home as souvenirs, ForeKen makes it all possible with its proficiency in additive manufacturing. Using 3D printing practices and techniques, we can help museums add more vigor to their displays with products, artifacts and pieces of art.

Dental Implants

Low-cost 3D printing has delivered incredible results in the dental industry, helping dentists develop custom surgical guides that indicate where to place the dental implants. ForeKen’s accurate and time-saving fabrication methods ensure that the dentists accomplish a high degree of precision by preparing for the implants and aligners in advance according to the patient’s specific teeth, gums and jaw alignment.

Tools and JIGS

3D printed jigs, tools and machine fixtures aid in cost reduction, quality upliftment and a smooth production line routine by allowing you to print complex parts in single assembly rather than multiple parts using manufacturing aids. ForeKen’s additive manufacturing abilities enable customers to get custom parts created quickly, no matter how complex the structure or design.